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Our website has been created as a source of information relating to Marine Archaeology, Shipwrecks, Maritime Stories, Pirates and Treasure. It contains information on shipwrecks we have dived as well as maritime stories looking at the mysteries of what happened to these ships and their crew. Also included is the latest news from around the world including shipwrecks, marine archaeology and treasure hunters.

Latest News May 2015

Rare Spanish shipwreck found of Panama

Archaeologists have found a rare 17th century Spanish shipwreck. In 1681, the Spanish ship Encarnacion which was part of the "Tierra Firme " fleet, sank during a storm near the mouth of the Chares river of the Caribbean side of Panama.    Read more at National Geographic


Missing WWII Submarine HMS Urge finally found after 73 years

On 27 April 1942, HMS Urge left Malta for Alexandria on the north coast of Egypt, and was never seen again.  No definite explanation has ever been agreed upon for HMS Urge, and it was officially reported missing in the Mediterranean Sea on 29 April 1942. According to Wikipedia, the HMS Urge went lost, to an air attack.  Read more ARGUNNERS

Margaret Rule dies

For very nearly 50 years, her name has been synonymous with that of the Mary Rose, Henry VIII’s flagship, she having been the archaeological director of the remarkable excavation.   “It was some 50 years ago that Margaret Rule was invited by Alexander McKee to join the team searching for the Mary Rose as an experienced land archaeologist, and her role thereafter was fundamental to the success of the project. 

     Read more at Mary Rose Trust 

Divers find Gold coins

Scuba divers have discovered a rare haul of gleaming 1,000-year-old gold coins inscribed in Arabic on the sea bed off Israel, a find archaeologists say may shed light on Muslim rule in that age. Some 2,000 coins dated to the 11th century, a period when the Fatimid Islamic dynasty dominated the Middle East, have so far been raised from the depths. The treasure, which was probably exposed during recent winter storms, is thought to have sunk in a shipwreck near the ancient Roman port of Caesarea in the eastern Mediterranean - See more at: The Sunday Times



Steve, Neville and the team go to Buckingham Palace to receive the BSAC Jubilee Trust Duke of Edinburgh Prize (Gold Medal) for their "Bigbury Bay Archaeology project. gold medalNovember 2014

From left to right - Paul Fiander, Bernard Hinton, Alec Jacobs, Richard Knights, Prince Philip, Dave Parham, Mike Turner, Steve Clarkson & Neville Oldham. (Includes members of Reading BSAC & Totnes BSAC)

Graf Spee's eagle rises from deep

Divers have salvaged a 2m (6ft) bronze imperial eagle from the German World War II battleship Graf Spee that was scuttled in the River Plate.

     Read more at the BBC

Steve & Neville publish two new booklets  - Click here or select "Books" tab.

HMS Victory 1744 shipwreck: Artefacts to be recovered

 Read more here at the BBC News Guernsey



Greek shipwreck off Italy yields ancient finds  (BBC news)

Christopher Columbus flagship "Santa Maria" found.
Max Clifford stopped from excavating by UNESCO

Read more in Haiti Libre

Franklin search: Canada confirms ship as HMS Erebus

     Read more at the BBC