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Boat sinks after stricken tug crew rescued off Devon coast

The eight-strong crew of the tug Christos XXII, containing up to 200 tonnes of diesel, had to be rescued after the collision.
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World War 1 shipwreck project launched

A project to raise the profile of forgotten World War I shipwrecks is in line for an award of £44,800 by the Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF).
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Costa Concordia Salvage video

Eleven months after wrecking at sea, the Italian luxury liner awaits one of the most expensive and daunting salvage operations ever. Lesley Stahl reports
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Spanish shipwreck treasure unveiled for the first time

Pieces from one of the biggest and most valuable hauls of treasure ever found on the bottom of the sea have been unveiled by Spanish officials.

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Mary Rose: scientists identify shipwreck's elite archers by RSI

A company of elite longbow archers perished aboard Henry VIII's flagship the Mary Rose when it sank almost five centuries ago, scientists have discovered.

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The doomsday ship that could blow Boris's airport dream sky high

3,000 ton timebomb shipwrecked in the Thames estuary

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Our website has been created as a source of information relating to Marine Archaeology, Shipwrecks, Maritime Stories, Pirates and Treasure. It contains information on shipwrecks we have dived as well as maritime stories looking at the mysteries of what happened to these ships and their crew. Also included in the latest news from around the world including shipwrecks, marine archaeology and treasure hunters.

LATEST NEWS October 2014

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HMS Victory 1744 shipwreck: Artefacts to be recovered

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Franklin search: Canada confirms ship as HMS Erebus

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Christopher Columbus flagship "Santa Maria" found.
Max Clifford stopped from excavating by UNESCO

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Treasure Hunters Return to Sunken Gold Ship

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Salcombe Treasure features in top ten shipwrecks list

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Poole Swash Channel Wreck: Raising the rudder
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After four centuries, a mysterious moustachioed face is set to gaze out over the waves of Poole Harbour once again.