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SS Newholm was a 3399 ton cargo steamship built in 1899. The picture above is of an almost identical ship built by the same company, Swan Hunter. She is the steamer "Elingamite" which was also built in the late 1800's.


On the 8th September 1917 SS Newholm was on her way from Bilbao in Spain to Middleborough with a cargo of iron ore when she hit a mine laid by the German submarine UC-31 of the I Flotilla. 


Twenty of the crew died with only Captain N.H.Blake and eight of his crew surviving.


UC 31 sank 38 ships sunk with a total of 51,017 tons between 2 September 1916 until she surrendered on 26 Nov 1918 . During the period she sunk the Newholm she was skippered by Kapitänleutnant  Kurt Siewert  who was honoured with  the "Royal House Order of Hohenzollern".


Her details:





Steel Transport Steamship


Swan Hunter of Newcastle

Date Built:



3399 tons


330ft x 48ft.


 293hp triple-expansion engines


Newcastle Steamship Company

Yard Number:


Signal Letters:




She lies with her bows to the South East at 44m and gradually slopes up to 28m at the stern where you will find her  cast iron propeller. Sand has built up on her starboard site spilling amidships.




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