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The image above is of the Amicitia which is a similar ship built by the same builder, Bergens Mekaniske Verksteder A/V – BMV, Bergen



 What we know about the ship:





Halvosen Adolp, Bergen


cargo transport ship



Builder Including engines:

Bergens Mekaniske Verksteder A/V – BMV, Bergen

Gross tons:





106 hp Triple Expansion Engine with two boilers


Torpedoed by UB - 35


229 ft long  35 ft beam



Known to be carrying “patent fuel” (Coal Briquettes stamped Cardiff with a royal crown mark) when she sank, she was on her way from Port Talbot to Rouen when Oberleutnant Stoter torpedoed her at 2.45 pm from one of the two bow tubes of UB-35 as he lay in wait on the surface for Allied coastal shipping. He had been ordered to patrol between Start Point and the Eddystone and the Skaala was his first victim on that patrol which lasted from December 22 to January 1, 1918. One man died in Stoter’s attack, the other 16 crew landed safely at Dartmouth.

UB Type

An image of the wreck and the briquettes


There have been two diving deaths on the Skaala, which lies about a quarter of a mile from the wreck of the Maine. A 20ft fishing boat lays across her number 2 hold.



Her Position is:   50:11.760N     03:49.703W in 43m to the seabed and 33m to the deck.




select the image below to take a tour of the Skaala – Video Richard Knights