SS Aparima 1917

N50 29.407 W1 55.109

Ships details

Nationality:         british

Type:                    Passenger/cargo ship/Armed Merchantman

Propulsion:         steam

Date built:           1902

Builder                  Denny W & Bros Ltd Dunbarton

Tonnage:             5704  grt

Dimensions:       131 x 16.5 x 8.53 m

Engine:                 2 x 3 cyl. triple expansion engines, 3 boilers, dual shaft, 2 screws

Power:                 389

Speed:                 11  knots

Yard no.:              659

IMO/Off. no.:     115807

SS Aparima was an Armed Merchanat Ship built in Dundarton. 
She was en route from London to Barry when she was sunk by UB 40 with a loss of 56 lives.

Today the wreck is largely intact except for the bow and stands 8m from a 42m seabed.

UB 40 was under the comand of Karl neumann at the time of the sinking of the Apirima . The submarine was in the Flandern Flotilla and had been responsible for the sinking of 99 ships and damaging 15. She sank a total of 134,067 Tons of ships.

She was eventually scuttled at Ostende during the German evacuation from Belgium.