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Tea Clipper "Gossamer"

In the 1990’s a local diver, Stephen George, was snorkelling along the coastline near Prawle point in Devon when he came across, what appeared to be the remains of a shipwreck. Using some of the artefact he had found and some research, he established it was probably the wreck of the Tea Clipper “Gossamer” that was driven onto the rocks in December 1868 with the loss of thirteen crew and passengers including the Captain and his wife. Neville & Steve took up the challenge to further investigate the history of the ship and wreck as well as establishing why it had met its end on the South Devon Coast. This booklet documents the history of this less well known clipper as well as the wreck site today. There is also a brief description of the other clippers / barques in the area.

By – Steve Clarkson &  Neville Oldham
48 page A5 softback booklet

San Pedro El Mayor

Forty years ago, Neville took on an adventure looking for the wreck of the Spanish Armada Hospital ship, the “San Pedro El Mayor “and was later joined by Steve. The journey has led us to discover many shipwrecks in the Bigbury Bay area, sometimes finding cannon that turned out to be from another shipwreck. These other finds will be the subject of further books. Very few artefacts have been discovered and no evidence has been found on the seabed of the San Pedro El Mayor. This has led us to carry out a great deal of research on the Armada and its hospital ships, including what happened to the crew of the San Pedro El Mayor after the wrecking . This booklet documents some of our research about the Armada, its battles with the English, and what led the proposed invasion of England by the Spanish to fail after many years of preparation. Also included are some photographs of the Spanish artefacts found and where the prisoners from the ships were held after their capture.

By – Steve Clarkson & Neville Oldham
56 pages A5 softback booklet