HMS Landrail 1906

N50 33.750 W2 37.470

When Steve first dived this site in the 70’s it was thought to be that of HMS Hazard but has since been identified as HMS Landrail built in 1886 and one one of five  “Curlew Class” Torpedo Boat. Her sister ship was HMS Curlew built the year before in 1885.
Royal Navy “Curlew Class” Twin Screw Torpedo/gunboat built by Thorncroft & Co. around 1885. Fitted with two enclosed torpedo tubes recessed in the bow and carried 4 torpedoes. Armed with twin breech loading rifled .42 inch cannon in a small turret down aft. Crew of 18. Served on the West Africa Station then the Channel Squadron. Replacing a gunboat vessel of the same name, built in 1868, HMS Curlew (1885 to 1906) the first of five ships of the Curlew class: Blaze, Bulldog, Curlew, Kite & LandrailLandrail was the last to be built and with modification became the new Landrail Class. Thorncroft & Co built similar ships for the Spanish navy. Twin screw, 1500 hp.

Her Captains

Commander Rowland E. Berkeley, 8 July, 1896 – August, 1896  (for manoeuvres)

Commander Frederick Hutchinson, 18 June, 1890 – 28 June, 1893

Lieutenant & Commander Stewart A. Perry-Ayscough, 18 December, 1902


Nationality:         British
Type:     torpedo boat  (Curlew Class)
Propulsion:         steam
Date built:           1886
Builder                  Devenport Dockyard
Tonnage:             790  grt
Dimensions:      195′ x 28′ x 10J

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Photos Steve Clarkson