Maria 1892

N50 12.175 E3 43.501

This ship was another casualty lost on Prawle Point in South Devon. “The Maria” was a Greek transport steamer built in Sunderland in 1891. She was 2573 Gross Tons and measured 92.4m x 12.4m and was built by John Priestman & Co. Ltd, Southwick, Sunderland. At the time of her sinking she was owned by the Embricos Brothers in Athens. On June 27th 1892, less than a year after her launch, she encountered thick fog in the English Channel and ran onto the Langer Rocks just to the East of Prawle Point in South Devon. The Salcombe lifeboat went to help, but by the time they reached the ship the two passengers and 23 crew had rowed ashore in their own lifeboat. Today her scattered wreckage lies in 5m of water along with what’s left of the “Demetrius wreck in the area. Her three boilers can still be seen.